Grey miniature poodle

  • Grey miniature poodle - Partipoodle
  • Grey miniature poodle - Partipoodle
  • Grey miniature poodle - Partipoodle
  • 7/10/24, 1:15 PM
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Price : 2000 € - Euro

Ad description:

Come discover my little gray poodle, Udelle. With her small size of a dwarf size, weighing around 5 kilos, she is easy to take everywhere. Puppies and adults live with me, an integral part of the family and participate in my daily life, including work in my grooming salon.

Udelle is used to a collar, brush, and is house trained. She is also familiar with big dogs, horses, cats, and chickens. At over 3 months, she is properly vaccinated by my veterinarian, and a veterinary certificate will be provided to you.

My adults, registered with the LOF, have received the highest rewards in shows. They are selected for their excellent health, robustness, and above all for their adorable and very affectionate characters. Udelle's dad is a champion of France. Very flexible in character, my poodles adapt well to both an active lifestyle and a couch potato life. Their soft coat, lively personality, and loyal companionship will bring happiness to your whole family.

Don't hesitate any longer, fall for my little poodle Udelle or her sister Una, full of love and joy!

Features :

  • SIRET : 40263066900032
  • Animal category :Dog
  • Breed :Poodle miniature
  • Reason for publication :For sale
  • Age of animal :Young dog (6 to 12 months)

Animal characteristics :

Date of birth : 10/1/23

Gender : female

Microchip number : 250268780980175

Availability : Now

Terms of payment :

species, transfer, credit card

Birth type : Born by natural way

Types of food :
Basic kibbles
Monthly budget : 20 € - Euro

Height at withers : 32 cm

Weight : 5 kg

Color-s :


Eyes color :


Pedigree : Yes
Register-s :


Genealogy :

Dad champion

Adult size : Dwarf (4,5 - 11 lbs)

Co-habitation with other animals : Yes
Others animals :

big dog, cat, horse, chicken

Destination-s :
Pets only

Health test-s : Yes
Test performed :
(PRA) retinal atrophy

Acquired health care : Yes
Health care acquired list :
First vaccination

Acquired when left : Yes
List of achievements :
Assignment contract
Health record
Health certificate
Tip sheets
Puppy kit
Temporary pedigree

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